Shannon’s can now ship!

What can we ship?
We are able to ship 8” and 10” cheesecakes anywhere in the continental US

How do we prepare a cheesecake to be shipped?
We bake the flavor of your choice as usual then wrap it tightly in saran wrap and seal it in a large zip tight bag and freeze it.

How do we ship it?
We ship it through the post office in a flat rate shipping box, we insulate it and pad it with newspaper and add frozen gel packs to keep it cold.

How long will it take to arrive?
The flat rate boxes are either over night or two days delivery.

How much does it cost?
Two day flat rate is $25 added to the cost of the cheesecake and overnight is $45 added to the price of the cheesecake.

How much notice is needed to get it there on time?
One weeks notice is needed to make the cheesecake ahead enough to get it baked and frozen and shipped in time.

Can I ship two days even in the summer?
At this point we have not experimented with two day delivery in the summer, we are planning a trial run in July to the furthest point on the East coast to see how it arrives. We did a three day delivery to Massachusetts in the winter and the cheesecake arrived still cold and ice packs still frozen!

 8”-$25.00+$45.00 shipping 8”-$25.00+$25.00 shipping
 10”-$35.00+$45.00 10”-$35.00+$25.00 shipping