About Shannon’s Scheesecakes

A little about Shannon’s story… Let’s start way back right before the beginning to get the whole story…

In the year of 2008 we were at the crossroads of life, having just attempted…and failed…at a few different ventures we were faced with the decision, what next. First we had tried getting our license to sell real estate and then bought property and built a house to flip in a different attempt at the real estate market both fails and after losing everything had no choice but to start from the bottom and they say that’s the best time to look up!

So one night while my husband’s sister was in town from NY I made a cheesecake for dessert, the first was a flop with a consistency more like cottage cheese… but after another attempt my sister in law was amazed by the flavor and said it was the best she ever had! Well we went on about our night without a second thought about cheesecake…or so I thought… after going to bed my husband couldn’t sleep and had a nagging thought to try and sell these cakes.

We made one and started sampling it to neighbors, friends and family, they loved it and we started getting orders without even being open! We then found a location inside of a victorian house on Cortez, it was a literal hole in the wall seeing as how we only had a pass through window to order through. We had no seating to speak of so everything was ordered to go, but we would take our then 2 year old daughter down with us Mon-Fri from 10-2 and see what we could sell. Well the word started spreading and soon there came requests for food on top of the orders for cheesecake. We added a patio out front and put up a couple tables and chairs and soon we grew out of that space.

We chose to add wraps because sandwiches in my opinion are only good with fresh baked bread and with being new still wanted to avoid stale bread resulting in loss of food as well as money. Tortillas still taste fresh even after a few days but there was a slight problem wraps that we always knew were the cold kind with a meat and some cream cheese slathered inside rolled into a “pinwheel”, never appetizing to us…Oh but don’t be fooled, Shannon’s wraps are far from that sad soggy familiar style.

Our wraps are just rolled up popular sandwiches, less bread more flavor, you can also get them cold or our favorite way grilled on a panini press till warm and gooey inside! Don’t get me wrong I am a definite bread sandwich lover but these wraps are even better, and we always say anything that you don’t love you don’t pay for. What restaurant up front says “love it or don’t buy it!” We are that confident in our food, most that take our challege are speachless and we become their new favorite place.So we started out with nothing and just grew little by little with no business experience nor intentions to start a restaurant. My husband and I were just looking for something that we could do together to provide for our family. Five years and three kids later we are busier than ever and are experiencing our best year. What was once our humble 12 wrap and 10 cheesecake flavor menu has now exploded into more than 20 wraps, endless cheesecake flavors, homemade soup, salad, grilled hotdogs, gourmet cinnamon rolls and newly added espresso drinks. We even have many gluten free and vegan options, which is hard to find, to round out the menu and offers something for everyone. Shannon’s can cater your next event or party! These wraps are high quality compared to what most party platters are, and they are customizable. No “one party platter fits all” here, you choose, all the same wrap or mix it up!We do all that we can to please every customer as we are still a small town mom and pop shop and appreciate everyone who chooses to come through our doors! Our best advertisement these days has been word of mouth and Shannon’s is gathering quite a following. So jump on this roller coaster and come on over to Shannon’s because after the first visit you definitely are a part of the family!