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What is the history behind the names of our wraps?

When we were first coming up with our menu the names were easy…Club, Italian, Caesar, Santa Fe…but as we added more and more wraps the names became harder to think of. That’s when we started using names of family members. Next came the wraps added because of employee specials that became popular…once you put in enough time at the shop you earned the right to create and have a wrapped named after you. The Murphy is named for my husband, the Shaniqua is one of my favs,  named after the nickname that is lovingly given to me by my sis, then come the Sienna, Donny and Colty, for our three children. Now 27 wraps later we had to call it quits on all the additions to the menu, but we still have the U-pick if one of the 27 doesn’t float you boat, you can make it your way. So now that you know the history of the wrap”s names you have to come in and try them all, are you a Shaniqua or a Paulie? Plenty of variety to keep you intrigued! The cheesecakes don’t disappoint either, we usually have 8-10 flavors to choose from if you want just a slice. A great way to round out a perfect lunch with a slice of cheesecake and a large mocha latte!

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